Colourful & Creative Tarmac Solutions Suffolk

Tarmac really doesn’t have to be just black. At Booth Tarmacadam we love putting colour into peoples lives by installing smart coloured driveways, forecourts and colouring lining on playgrounds and car parks throughout Suffolk and Norfolk. 

From tarmac to resin-bound gravel and block paving, our permanent surfacing solutions for your drive, paths or parking area can be a coat of many colours. And we love accommodating special requests too - from rainbows to logos, we have incorporated all sorts into our hard-surfacing solutions to make you (and others) smile. 


Glorious Gravel – Colourful Resin-bound Domestic Driveways Ipswich

At Booth Tarmacadam we understand that you’ll want your driveway to complement your garden and property and pride ourselves on doing a great surfacing job which will add value to your home. 

Our popular and hard-wearing resin-bound gravel surfaces come in a wide range of precious colours like Silver and Rustic Gold, Amber and Pearl, as well as more down to earth colours such as Terracotta, Maize and Cocoa. We even have a beautiful rich Caramel – sweet!

Edged with an added design in contrasting block paving, a coloured resin-bound driveway from Boot Tarmacadam can really transform the look of your Suffolk home and quickly make it appear much-loved and appealing – just what you need if you plan to be there for years to come, or want to smarten the place up to the highest standard before putting it on the market. 

Booth Tarmacadam Resin-bound Surfacing Suffolk

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Bright and Very Beautiful – Coloured Surfacing Solutions Suffolk

Rainbows have always been a symbol of hope. During the pandemic they have become a big part of our all of our lives, linked to our thanks for the untiring work of the NHS. We have surfaced car parks and done line work at West Suffolk hospital in Bury St Edmunds over the years and were delighted when they came back to us with a rather unusual request to colour a roadway crossing on-site beautiful. 

The wonderful ‘Rainbow Crossing’ is technically not tarmac – the effect is achieved using a thermoplastic screed material which is usually employed to mark lines or include floor graphics on playgrounds, hard-surfaced sports pitches and car parks. The material comes in all the colours of the rainbow (fortunately) and many more besides and is especially formulated to be very durable and withstand tough conditions such as constant traffic or the feet of a steady stream of pedestrians. 

The colourful thermoplastic material comes on a roll so is easily applied in strips on the road surface using a heating method to create a really robust bond.   
We like to think of the Bury St Edmunds rainbow crossing brightening the day of the doctors, nurses and patients going to and fro at the hospital – being asked to install this coloured surfacing solution really made our day special.  

Booth Tarmacadam Coloured Lining & Surfacing Suffolk

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Corporate Branding on Car Parks - Coloured Surfacing Solutions Suffolk

Car company forecourts, hotel reception parking, office entrance ways – it’s not just football pitches which can display smart surface branding.

As contract surfacing specialists we can support your business with anything from resurfacing and lining or marking out the bays in your company car park, to putting in helipad markings on hard landing surface and even apply specialists graphics of your brand logo to really make a big impression.

Whatever your coloured surfacing requirements, Booth Tarmacadam can assess and advise on the best coloured surfacing solution for the job and give you the quote you need to make it happen.         

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