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Professional Resin-bound Gravel Drives, Patios and Paths for Homeowners in Suffolk and East Anglia

For a smart, homogeneous-look and sealed finish, resin-bound gravel surfaces are a firm favourite and they are also just perfect for personalising your property. At Booth Tarmacadam, we have extensive experience throughout Ipswich, Suffolk and East Anglia in laying resin-bound gravel driveways, paths and parking areas for both residential and commercial properties either in single colour materials or incorporating single,contrast-colour or multi-coloured designs.

From geometric shapes to logos, house names or numbers we can use our wide range of gravel colours to create bespoke designs. You may wish to choose gravel colours to compliment your property - or stand out from the neighbourhood crowd. The experienced team at Booths Ipswich are on hand to work with you to make your pictorial gravel design ideas a reality. Alternatively, if you like the concept but need a little inspiration, we can share a range of pleasing patterns to suit the size and layouty of you driveway, patio, parking or pathway space. 


Resin Bound Gravel Surface Edging

The Benefits of Resin-bound Gravel

Resin-bound gravel is a long-lasting and low-maintenance one-stop solution for driveways, patios and paths. The nature of this porous, free-draining gravel surfacing means that you can enjoy a puddle-free driveway, path or patio without the need to install additional drainage.  

A base, sub-base and binding course are required for all new resin-bound surfaces and at Booth Tarmacadam, we can undertake all the appropriate groundworks. 

Resin Bound Gravel Surface Construction
  • In-built, sustainable drainage system
  • UK Government legislation compliant
  • Permeable surface means no need for additional drainage - and no puddles!
  • No planning permission required
  • Highly durable, weather resistant surface
  • Weed-resistant and low maintenance 
  • Suitable for all shapes and sizes of driveways, patios and paths
  • Wide range of natural finishes in single or mixed gravel colours
  • Easy installation by Booth Tarmacadam qualified professionals
Design in a resin-bound driveway

Installation of Resin-bound Driveways

At Booth Tarmacadam, our highly experienced team will carry out a comprehensive site assessment for your new driveway. We will discuss any groundworks and your design ideas, should you wish to incorporate a pattern into any part of the new surface.     

Edging - Our resin-bound driveways are usually edged with high low key kerbs - as shown in the photos here. Other options may be available and some customers choose to include a defining edge line in a contrasting resin-bound gravel colour, particularly if they have included a pictorial design.  

Specifications - For driveways, we recommend a resin-bound gravel surface of 18mm depth. Once installed, the surface is walk-ready within 24 hours and drive-ready in 48 hours.  

Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) Explained

Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) is the name given to the UK government legislation that came into effect in October 2008. The legislation helps to prevent flash-flooding, particularly in built-up areas.

SuDS Resin-bound surface contractors Suffolk:

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Colours Available

There are a number of resin-bound gravel surface colours available. You may wish to choose a gravel colour which contrasts with your property's brickwork or colour. We are always pleased to assist should you need help or advice on colour selection.