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At Booth Tarmacadam, our experienced Suffolk-based surfacing team are expert installers of slabbing, paving and flagstones of all types of materials, shapes and colours. Whether you are looking for a simple slab garden path, a clever patio slab mosaic to dress with colourful potted plants and create your very own little oasis or a large scale slabbed terrace, we can help.

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concrete paving patio

What are paving slabs or flags made of? 

These days, people tend to call both large pieces of precast concrete or natural stone either ‘flags’ or ‘slabs’. Rather than getting hung up on words, we’d rather concentrate on the look you’d like to achieve within your budget.

Concrete flags (slabs) 

Concrete flags have a backing layer – the unseen side – and a face layer. They can be cast to different complementing shapes, sizes and shades .

The backing layer provides strength and tends to be coarser, using cheaper cements and aggregates than the visible face which may be ‘riven’ (with high / low spots) or textured and polished.   

natural stone patio

Natural stone paving 

Stone has its own personal qualities depending on the type of stone and from where it has been quarried.

It generally has an indefinite life-span and rarely ever needs replacing, so reclaimed flagstones can be an option and immediately deliver a level of character. 

New stone sourced from within the UK includes York stone, granite, slate and limestone as popular choices. Other common sources of new stone for use in paving are from further afield, such as Brazil, China and India. 

You can use either new or reclaimed stone flags for most residential surfacing requirements.

Reclaims work well for period homes, but can look slightly out of place in modern settings where new stone is often the preferred option, but it is all a matter of taste – and budget.

What costs more - concrete or stone paving slabs?

Even reclaimed stone for paving applications can be considerably more expensive than concrete alternatives. As well as built-in character, natural stone has unrivalled longevity (and a resale value too!), so it can be seen as a shrewd, long-term investment. 

Concrete paving options however are very advanced and are often best-suited to modern-day requirements. There is a wide range of colours and textures on offer and although they may not provide an instant character-fix, they can be wonderfully attractive and create the perfect driveway or patio at a fraction of the cost of using real stone. 

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