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Professional Tarmac Laying for Homeowners throughout Suffolk and East Anglia

Tarmac is a popular choice for domestic driveways, patios and paths throughout Suffolk and East Anglia. It is quick to lay, long-lasting, weather-resistant and lower in maintenance and more affordable than other options such as block-paving. Today, tarmac is available in a range of colours. 

Conventional tarmac works well for the hard surfacing of small and larger outdoor spaces around the home, but professional installation is key.   

Tarmac for drives and paths

What are the benefits of tarmac for drives and paths? 

Correctly installed, tarmac can be an affordable and great value, long-term investment which transforms the look of your home. Benefits include:

•    Long lasting
•    Highly durable 
•    Weather resistant
•    Easily installed by qualified professionals
•    Very quick to lay, with minimal disruption 
•    Can be suitable for some ( but not all) drive upgrades ie. laid over pre-existing driveway 
•    Suitable for all shapes & sizes of driveway / paths 
•    Available in a range of colours

Tarmac Surfacing - What I need to know

What do I need to know about tarmac?  

Tarmacadam (asphalt) is put down as a hot liquid, levelled and compacted. It is a combination of aggregate and the crude oil bi-product, bitumen, often also with additives like fibres, polymer and pigments to enhance its performance and durability. 

It is vital to ensure that the right type of tarmac is installed for any specific job. It is not a one-type-fits all scenario. The following factors contribute towards the choice/ make-up of the tarmac to be put down and the amount of groundworks / site preparation required:  

•    nature of anticipated use
•    size of area
•    shape of area
•    gradient of area

As tarmac is non-permeable, it also requires the installation of adequate drainage.

Tarmac Surfacing Drainage

Why is drainage so important for a tarmac drive or path?

Tarmac is an impermeable surface and any area of tarmac is required by UK law to be installed with an adequate drainage system to avoid the risk of flooding. 

Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) is the name given to the UK government legislation that came into effect in October 2008. Find out more »

Planning permission is generally required for this. A base, sub-base and binding course are required for all new tarmac drives and paths.

With nearly 50 years in the business, family-run Booth Tarmacadam can undertake appropriate groundworks for paths and driveways as well as provide and install compliant tarmac driveway drainage solutions to meet your needs.

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Tarmac Surfacing Edging

How long does it take to install a tarmac drive?

Tarmac is put down by hand for most domestic projects, but only once appropriate groundworks have been undertaken to secure adequate drainage and to prepare the site. Tarmac is 'poured' as a hot liquid which is then levelled and compacted.

Transforming your driveway with tarmac surfacing can be a swift process in comparision with other surfacing options such as block paving. Every driveway, patio or path is different and requires specific preparation. 

It's important to note that tarmac must be able to cool quickly, so it is generally not laid during hot weather. As it gains its hard nature and resilience over time, care also needs to be taken initially until it has fully hardened. Find out more »

Booths Tarmacadam can give an indication of timescales during their site assessment.




And finally...

Why is the installation of tarmac driveways such a skilled job? 

Drainage requirements and site preparations aside, the thickness and density of the tarmac bitumen requires accurate calculation to ensure a surface which is - and remains - fit for purpose. Bitumen in tarmac is graded on stiffness,measured in penetration or ‘pen’ values.  High pen values are required for hand-laying surfaces such as paths, patios and driveways as it is easier to handle. 

Engaging experienced tarmac specialists like Booth Tarmacadam is really important. Our teams will get things right and deliver a legally compliant and long-lasting product to transform the look of your home .

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