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Professional Tar and Shingle Driveway Installation for Homeowners in Suffolk and East Anglia

The natural look of a tar and shingle path or driveway makes ‘tar and chip’ surfacing a popular choice particularly for country house driveways or period properties across Suffolk and East Anglia.

It comprises of spraying hot tar to a new or existing, fully prepared hard surface and laying an aggregate layer instantly on top. It is often referred to as 'surface dressing'.

Booth Tarmacadam have years of experience in professionally laying tar and stone surfaces at homes, farms and country residences throughout Suffolk, Norfolk, Essex and Cambridgeshire.


Tar & Shingle Surfacing

The Aesthetics of Tar & Chip Driveways

There’s something special about the distinctive ‘crunch’ of a smart gravel drive as it announces an arrival at a country home or town house. It delivers a certain traditional elegance to period and more modern properties alike. 

Suitable for:  
•    Country house driveways resurfacing
•    Town house paths and driveways resurfacing
•    Heritage property driveways resurfacing
•    Listed buildings driveways resurfacing
•    Farmhouse drives resurfacing
•    Small holding driveways and approach roads
•    Farm tracks or farm roads resurfacing

Stone, gravel or pea shingle Surfacing

Stone, gravel or pea shingle can immediately lend a light and natural look to a large driveway, paths or parking area. Also, shingle tends to be warm shades of brown, beige or natural earth colours, but granite chips in pink or grey are also sought-after options.

A hot tar and shingle driveway is often the preference where black or coloured tarmac might be considered 'out of keeping' or unsightly. 

At Booth Tarmacadam, we ensure that a generous amount of shingle or stone chip is spread across the surface and evenly distributed right into the corners as well as to the edges. The result is a smart and stylish look with even coverage throughout.

Hot Tar & Gravel Driveways

Benefits of Hot Tar & Gravel Driveways

  • Cost-effective - Can be applied over many pre-existing surfaces. Avoids the expense of excavation work. Great value solution particularly for large surface areas
  • Hard wearing - but can be prone to point wear 
  • Long-lasting – a limited, yet considerable lifespan   
  • Protective – against weather (water, frost). Reduces mud and dust around your property
  • Safety conscious- slightly textured surface reduces skidding. Gravel solutions produce a sound underfoot or when driven on, announcing visitors to your property 
  • Widely suitable – for drives, paths, car parks, small roads or tracks
  • Immediately accessible – although 8 hour dry and settle time advised
  • Aesthetically pleasing – delivers a traditional look in country or heritage property settings 
  • Range of natural finishes - stone, shingle, gravel, granite chips, pea shingle
  • Choice of surface depth (subject to suitability) – 6mm, 10mm, 14mm   


For domestic, commercial or agricultural tar and chip surfacing projects, call us now on 01473 811757. 

Installation of Tar & Stone Driveways

Installation of Tar & Stone Driveways

If you are considering a tar and shingle surface at your property, a member of our highly experienced team at Booth Tarmacadam will carry out a comprehensive site assessment to check on the suitability of any existing surface. 

It is important that the current surface is free of defects such as potholes or cracks. If significant, we will ensure that defects are filled with tarmac before work commences. We will always give an honest appraisal of the suitability of the existing surface and will advise if a different surfacing approach is really required. 

When our team come to lay the new surface, the driveway area is firstly swept clean. The area is then sprayed with a bitumen binder (hot liquid tar), before the shingle or stone chips are spread

We ensure that a generous amount of shingle is spread across the surface and evenly distributed, so that good, smooth and homogeneous coverage is achieved.

Raking the loose surface ensures that the shingle is spread to include all corners and edges, before the whole area is machine rolled – usually a couple of times – to press the shingle or stone chips into the tar.

Finally, the resurfaced area is swept again to remove any loose shingle and reviewed carefully by walking the site to check that coverage is appropriate and even.

Our rates are competitive and all quotations are provided free of charge, with no obligation to proceed. 

Find out more about how Booth Tarmac can help with your domestic, commercial or agricultural tar and chip surfacing projects. Give our office team a call now on 01473 811757

Cost-effective, Quick & a Real Transformation I Tar & Shingle Surfacing Services East Anglia

Ideal for covering large areas and keeping resurfacing costs to a minimum, laying a quality tar and shingle surface is a relatively quick process when undertaken professionally, with the right equipment by the experienced Booth Tarmacadam team. As a result driveways can be totally transformed often within a day.

Edging – Our tar and shingle driveways and paths may be edged with high-low key curbs or other edging options if required.

Specifications – For driveways we would recommend 6mm pea shingle or 10mm granite chips as a minimum, but this is subject to requirements and the existing surface. Once installed, the surface can be walked on immediately if required, but our recommendation is that it is drive-ready / fully walk-ready within 8 hours. This lapse of time will usually allow it to dry and settle properly. 

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