Steep Learning Curve – Skilled Tarmac Surfacing Contractors in Norfolk

Every job has its ups and downs... as some of the Booth Tarmacadam rolling team soon discovered working as skilled tarmac surfacing contractors in Norfolk on a play park’s community BMX track near Dereham.

Surfacing the BMX course or ‘pump track’ at the development of new homes turned out at times to  be literally a steep learning curve, but one which brought a smile to the faces of colleagues and many of our followers on social media.

Watch how our roller operator stayed the carefully landscaped course (care of Barconn groundworks) for the tarmac roller ride of his life!

Steep learning curve – Skilled Tarmac Surfacing Contractors in Norfolk


Whether our tarmac surfacing jobs turn out to be straightforward or a real roller coaster challenge, at Booth Tarmacadam, we deliver to the highest standards of workmanship.

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What is a BMX pump track?

Like the BMX course surfaced by Booth Tarmacadam in Norfolk, a pump track is usually a 275-300m circular course often located in a community space, created to offer a fun and inclusive environment for specific activities which can be accessed by people of all ages and abilities.

It is a purpose-built closed loop track, landscaped to incorporate a series of ‘obstacles’ such as ramps, jumps and ridges, often known as ‘berms’. 

BMX and mountain bike users are usually its primary focus, but these courses are also the playground for skateboarders and scooter enthusiasts seeking a challenging environment to ‘cut their shapes’ and skill up. 

How is a BMX track built and surfaced?

BMX tracks are designed specifically for their location and purpose, to an approximate set formula recognized by Booth tarmac surfacing contractors in Norfolk, including start hills and berms or embankments.

The ground works generally consist of compacted earth with an appropriate thickness of stone sub-base, followed by tarmac surfacing formulated to withstand constant wear and spot wear both on the flatter and angled surfaces.

Delivering tarmac surfacing from play parks to pump tracks

At Booths Tarmacadam our long-established and independent family-run business combines years of asphalt expertise with quality materials and a skilled, qualified team to deliver the best solution for the job however great or small.

We support major groundworks businesses, builders and developers on everything from large scale car parks, roadways, site entrances and visibility splays to cycle paths, play areas and pump tracks. We are proud to be their go-to surfacing contractors in Norfolk for their every commercial surfacing need.

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Every infrastructure project we undertake will have its own specific surfacing challenges, impacted by factors such as the nature and quantity of usage or adjacent terrain and drainage. But the BMX track came with its own challenges by design…

Within a short run of track, the Norfolk community BMX course had a number of dips and dives with a steep start hill of around 2 metres. Handling a roller safely and effectively to get the job done properly and create the desired smooth layer across the entire width and area of the hilly track’s surface required real roller control and skill.

It was definitely a case of our team’s specific, mentor supported NPORS roller training being put to the test – and to great effect.

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Bravo lads – your seriously impressive driving skills and hard and careful graft are great advertisements for our qualified team, as well as the good humour and enjoyment you find in your work!

Roll on the next BMX track or play park project, eh?!

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