Block Paving & Slabbing

Frequently asked questions about the block paving and slab surfaces installed at homes and private and public sector businesses throughout Suffolk, Essex and East Anglia and our working practices. 

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Block paving offers several benefits, including high durability (lasting 25 years or more), weather resistance, suitability for inclines, quick installation by qualified professionals with minimal disruption, and the ability to accommodate point-loads, making it ideal for parking caravans or setting up marquees and gazebos.

A. Block paving can cost more than some other surfacing options, but many of our customers value the look, decorative versatility and hard-wearing nature of a block-paved drive or patio.

Different colours of factory-manufactured blocks can be combined into creative patterns giving a very individual and distinctive appearance to any patio, path or driveway.

The overall cost of any block paving installation will depend upon the:

  • choice of block pavers - this may influence drainage requirements/ need for any planning permission
  • nature of the site (amount of prep work required) 
  • amount or complexity of patterning required (if any)

A. Yes - as long as the weather conditions are dry. 

A. Professionally installed on a sub-base, block paving can be stronger than concrete!

With regular maintenance (sweeping, occasional jet washing, sealing every 2-3 years), it can last a lifetime, making it a worthwhile investment. 

A. No. Sweeping your block paved driveway, patio or path is a good idea and the occasional jet wash will keep it looking extra smart. 

Resealing block paving every 2-3 years is often advised. This may depend upon the nature of the site / amount of use etc.   

A. Slabs are great for patios, terraces and paths and come in all shapes and sizes - just like patios, terraces and paths! 

Slabs can be made of a variety of natural and man-made materials and come in a range of textures and colours too. Natural stone slabs can be beautiful in their own right, but hard-wearing (and less expensive) concrete alternatives can still have their own character and be used to create mosaics and patterns, just like block paving.

Each slab will cover a greater area than a block and may be quicker to lay, but getting the site properly prepped and the slabs laid on the right materials, with appropriate drainage considered is vital.

For best results and peace of mind, It is always advised to get slab patios professionally installed by experts in contract surfacing such as Booth Tarmacadam - no job too big or too small!  

Yes, we provide an unrivaled array of choices for block paving installations. You can select from different layout patterns (regular, herringbone, basket-weave), various block materials, colors, shapes, sizes, and textures that complement your property's design. We can even incorporate bespoke patterns like insignia, emblems, or crowns, and create designated areas through design, colors, or kerbing.

While tarmac surfacing may initially seem more cost-effective, block paving can be a smarter, long-term investment due to its durability, lasting good looks, and ease of repair. We offer various stylish concrete paving blocks and extra hard-wearing natural stone pavers to suit different budgets and design preferences.

During the site survey, we assess drainage options, consider planning implications, and understand your usage requirements and design preferences. Groundworks are carried out, including the installation of a protective porous membrane and a suitable sub-base. Linear drainage units are used when necessary. The main blocks are set in sharp sand according to your design, and cut blocks are added to complete it. The block paving is compacted and sealed with kiln-dried sand inserted into the joints.

Yes, we specialies in providing block paving services for homeowners across East Anglia and are also have years of experience in working with the commercial sector.

To receive a free quotation with no obligation to proceed, you can contact us. We will be happy to assist you and provide a competitive price for your job based on your requirements.

Absolutely! We offer advice during the no-obligation site survey. We will take into account your drainage requirements, usage needs, preferred styling, and design ideas to recommend the best block paving options for your specific property.