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Our East Anglia workforce is appropriately skilled and qualified, certified by national bodies and fully insured.

It should go without saying – but it’s something we often get asked by potential new customers. And we don’t mind answering. 

Booth Tarmacadam has been a family-run company for nearly 50 years. It has been built on our reputation for reliability and high quality work across the commercial and residential surfacing business. 

Hard graft and knowledge are all part of the equation, but we are especially proud to have an established, medium-sized team of long-standing employees. Each one of the Booth Tarmacadam team is fully trained and qualified in their roles and hold cards confirming specific relevant certifications from schemes recognised in the UK construction industry.

Construction ‘Cards’ explained

A means of identity on any construction site as well as proof of qualification, Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) cards and ones from similar sector national schemes are not a legislative requirement. However most principal contractors, major house builders and responsible surfacing contractors require construction workers to hold a valid card to be out on site.

The Booth Tarmacadam team hold cards as appropriate from the following schemes:


CSCS – Construction Skills Certification Scheme

CSCS – Construction Skills Certification Scheme

Founded in 1995, CSCS is the leading certification card scheme for construction. It has developed to meet the changing needs of the industry and there are now over 2 million cards displaying the CSCS logo. 

Most major contractors and home builders require workers on their sites to hold a valid CSCS card.
CSCS cards / smartcards can be used for many purposes beyond just checking and storing site workers’ identification and qualifications and may be used for access control and recording onsite training sessions. 

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NPORS – National Plant Operators Registration Scheme

NPORS – National Plant Operators Registration Scheme

Founded in 1992, NPORS is a trusted and recognised name in the construction industry, dedicated to supporting industry-regulated training and testing, consistent improvement, equal opportunities and transparency. At its heart is the belief that everyone who operates any form of machinery should be qualified and competent to protect their safety and the safety of others.

NPORS offers employers the opportunity to train their workforce on site as well as at dedicated test centres and carries out audits on training providers, to ensure that regulated standards are met whilst supporting them as a mentor. By offering training and assessments on site with the equipment that would be used every day, this mitigates the risk of any issues with transferring skills from different training equipment.  

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SWQR – Street Works Qualification Register, founded in 1991.

Under the New Roads and Street Works Act of 1991 workers with a certificate from an awarding organisation can be issued with an SWQR card, a scheme authorised by the UK Government Transport Departments. 

The SWQR offers quality assurance of the validity of worker qualifications from awarding organisations and works with competent authorities to carry out on-site inspections with a view to ensuring that candidates are on the Register, hold a valid ID card and have the appropriate qualifications.

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Our Insurance – Your peace of mind

Booth Tarmacadam Ltd, road surfacing and general building contractors hold current and appropriate liability insurance to protect our customers and members of the public, as well as our employees. 

We are happy to share sight of our certificate of insurance with customers and commercial partners on request.  

Booth Tarmacadam - a family business and a reliable contract surfacing team you can trust. 
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